Baccarat Winning Strategy By Gambling Chi 5/08/2022

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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY !! Awe another great session .. This time I played both sides during practice play to help demonstrate the Double Pitch or known as the Two Man System : )) Cheers : ))

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Baccarat Winning Strategy By Gambling Chi 5/08/2022

6 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy By Gambling Chi 5/08/2022

  1. Good video… !based on your experience, what’s the minimum bankroll for this strategy ?

  2. You said you are testing another system, one to consider is to use pattern betting(same as second back) and use the Deance betting system where you complete your session if you win 4 in a row.With pattern betting you win on runs and chops, terrible twos are exactly that, terrible for this method but they do not last forever, eventually you will hit a prolonged chop or run and reach your goal.

  3. How about that Derby yesterday, GC! Rich Spirit absolutely hacking up down the stretch was nice to see as much as I wanted to see Joel Rosario finally win one

  4. So you got scratched up a little bit??
    No worries its good 4 you once in a while. But like only you can…
    You Bounce back again and surpass your goal !! Great work 😎

  5. nice game.. for a change do you have a flat betting system which uses trigger bet pattern or bead road? i appreciate your sharing thanks.

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