Best Baccarat System The 7s

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Thanks to Rich Fortner! you should also subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Thanks to Baccarat Funk for teaching me to hit the TIE in this video as well (spoiler alert)

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Best Baccarat System The 7s

10 thoughts on “Best Baccarat System The 7s

  1. Watching these young ladies turn the cards seems slow. My apologies I just want to see the results. Enjoying the video!

  2. Hey Mike thanks for the shout out man. I enjoyed watching your video and I actually don't mind the squeeze. For people who don't like how long it takes tell them to watch the video in double time. 2x speed.

    And that tie was a push off of the divisions of three so nice shot

  3. Great video. Quick question. What if a player 7 wins and the next hand is a tie, do we continue to bet on banker??

  4. Hey I don't see a Link for your bf group but would like to Join if you'll have me. Not selling any…Trust me no one would want to buy my system 😂🤣

  5. I do not like the way this dealer turn the card. I am not here to be teased….please be professional……

  6. So what exactly was the trigger that made you bet the tie? I know it wasn't counting cards because that hand did not equal zero. Are you doing something new now that you haven't shown us that triggers a tie bet?

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