Did Phil Ivey “Cheat” at Baccarat? • American Casino Guide Book

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Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide book, interview casino consultant Bill Zender to discuss the case where professional poker player, Phil Ivey, was accused of “cheating” in baccarat by several casinos.

Zender specializes in table game protection for casinos, and he gives detailed information on exactly how Ivey and his gambling partner, Cheung Yin Sun (Kelly Sun), were able to win more than $20 million by edge-sorting at the game of baccarat.

They discuss whether or not this would be considered an “advantage play” by Ivey and Sun, where they were not “cheating” but simply taking advantage of lax safeguards by the casinos.

They also discuss how the situation concluded after a series of lawsuits, on both sides, over the course of six years.

Please note: this is an edited version of a video originally released in 2021.

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Did Phil Ivey “Cheat” at Baccarat? • American Casino Guide Book

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  1. Interesting to say the least. My thoughts are if casinos are not protecting themselves too bad!

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