8 thoughts on “How are we making money playing Baccarat online

  1. I would be careful playing online tho… they make the screen go black and always end up a natural result of 9 to something.. that’s because they can digitally input any outcome on the screen when it goes black and make anyone lose a particular bet.. plus they learn betting patterns of your specific play.

  2. I live in the U.S. and the only way I can get money into an online casino is with bitcoin, which I don't like. You would think that people who live in the land of the free could do whatever they want. NOT TRUE!!!!! Big Brother is slowly taking away our freedom.

  3. I haven't been using my computer for 2 weeks. I'm stuck with baccaratwinpro. No where to go. Haven't practice for a while so I'm reviewing all sessions. The world has turn upside down. Waiting for this crisis to be over. Great Video Jay!

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