How I make $100 a day playing Baccarat! || My Baccarat Rules, Game Plan!

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Craig’s personal Baccarat Rules, Game Plan! and Income $$$$ for Success!
How I make $100 a day playing Baccarat!
This video is the 1st of several planned to dive deeper beyond Live Play, to explore how I play Baccarat and Win!

How to play baccarat and make $100 or more a day.
A look into how I play baccarat for consistent winning.

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8 thoughts on “How I make $100 a day playing Baccarat! || My Baccarat Rules, Game Plan!

  1. This was a very detailed and thorough Presentation. I will refer to this several times to get down Completely how you play. Since you NOT full on Martingaling then I think the $1 for $1,000 ( should ) cushion your margin for error OR difficulty EXCELLENTLY!
    I see NOTHING but a BRIGHT future ahead for you. I will try to see your newer video tomorrow but may need a little longer. OK Lets focus AND execute the gameplan. 😎

  2. fantastic video I think you have a good knowledge of the ups and down in the game and have set excellent rules to navigate that.
    well done I look forward to more videos. you explain everything very well.

  3. I live in Vegas where you can play live stadium baccarat with a $5 minimum. Otherwise some casinos will have $10 minimum tables. Where do you play with a $1 minimum? You could bet $5 banker & $6 player but that would be the only way.

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