6 thoughts on “How to BEAT Baccarat .. ” LIVE PLAY ” By Gambling Chi 5/02/2022

  1. tell me about it, i make mistakes all the time… good to see double pitch is working but I do wonder about your MM

  2. You are playing a negative 1-2-3 on OBL (opposite before last decision), then switching when there's a run or chop of 4 in a row. Some people switch after 3, some switch after 5. But this system is as old as dirt.

  3. Good to see you here chi. What happened to baccologist??? Do you have any hews from him?

  4. Another successful day in the books 📚.
    Also Anybody that says you are NOT for them and complains about how you play is NOT serious about being successful.
    Now out of respect I don't feel I should straight out copy you , but I sure can take and model a bunch of what you do to fit for my game. You are a one of a kind player and if I could ever be between 8% & 20% like you I would take that and be thanking my stars. 😎

  5. I have developed an interesting approach to baccarat that I would like you to review. Would you be willing to provide your email so that I may send it to you?

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