7 thoughts on “How to Play Baccarat Well

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  2. General awareness and basic video. Sufficient for new players to view. Not recommended to intermediate-advance level. There is much more than what the video is able to portray. In order to play BAC, you must have a good bank roll against the minimum required to play. BAC is not a $100-200 game even though, sometimes you just lucky to make it. Apart from playing online, you can buy 8 deck of cards and play at home and see if you can gauge the game quickly. BAC is not like blackjack, it is not for everybody. You must have a good memory, pattern recognition ability, adaptive, willingness to learn such as how to read the main roads, macau and even come up with your own short roads to mitigate risk and isolate the winning hand. Variables that can change the pattern in BAC: difference between natural vs non natural outcomes, tracking of numbers, pairs, ties…. waiwai.

  3. It is possible to win consistently playing baccarat. Look up youtube video "Win when you are winning and win when you are losing."

  4. Step 1: don't play. The optimal betting strategy is to bet 0.
    Could have made the video 2 seconds long.

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