How to win and survive at Baccarat #3

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Craig made some huge mistakes early on, between betting the wrong amounts to betting on the wrong side. He ended up in high bet battle grind feast.

How to play baccarat and make $100 or more a day.
A look into how I play baccarat for consistent winning.

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How to win and survive at Baccarat #3

4 thoughts on “How to win and survive at Baccarat #3

  1. You are an ABSOLUTE WARRIOR !!
    For things to be this horrible and still you fight back and get your 2 units + I mean absolutely impressive. This video should be the BEGINNING of you becoming famous because you fought ALL OUT ADVERSITY where MANY others would have lost their whole bankroll AND their minds after something like this. Gambling Chi has taught you extremely well. ALWAYS GREAT to see students accomplish greatness after learning from their masters. This was like throwing 3 pick sixes and STILL winning the ball game!! I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED!!😎😎

  2. Nice comeback. I watched it all. Probably took me 7-8 sittings to get through. Lol bust most definitely worth the watch. If you have a plan and stick to it even if you do a couple mistakes here and there you can come out on top. Patience patience patience

  3. Im loving this video….long, but I am really appreciating the grind you got yourself into. I normally tilt by now. You have shown me to keep to the plan, if you have a good enough bankroll. You can get through it. Thanks for posting this!

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