How to Win at Baccarat with Ace Fortune

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Filmed at Burswood Casino. Directed by Michael Garcia, Starring Ace Fortune. Beat the Casino. Discover strategies and secrets of the card table games. Filmed over two nights midnight til 5am. Produced for Jane Willis at Burswood Casino.

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How to Win at Baccarat with Ace Fortune

10 thoughts on “How to Win at Baccarat with Ace Fortune

  1. This is wrong..How to win bacratte?  I can show you. 

    You need to know players member card keep track of player winning. If you want to win, you don't sign up for the card. If you do, and you win, they will keep track your winning. Next time you coming back to play, they will collect back all

    Now…when you go to the casino, look under the table , do you see a bunch of wires under the table? why do they need a bunch of wires under there?  even you don't see it..u put ya finger tip on the chip, you will feel the table virbate.

    They installed a bunch of wires under the table to detect the bet. If people bet PLAYER  on one side and nobody bet BANKER on the other side, the casino is going to win all. That's why if people bet on one side, you need 1 PEOPLE to bet opposite. If not, ya chance of winning is low

    When you playing..u need to look at other people chips. When people are low on chip, the casino is going to elimiate that person out early so that person can change money. If you see that person is almost out of money and try to bet opposite from that person

    Also, don't put you rCHIP in early..if you do, you chance is 50/50 ..let other people put their bet in first…

    When bacratte RUN is when they let people win money..u don't bet opposite..just bet with the RUN…RUN is free money and they do give out money for free..

    you need to keep track ya winning..don't try to stay at the table for too long..try to win 400 and go home…if u keep playing..u will lose back all

  2. Have you read, ‘The Ultimate-Bullet Proof Baccarat Strategy,’ the system in this book works really well.

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