How to win at roulette – Best Roulette Strategy for Auto Roulette

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It is time to win at roulette, in this video we will be looking at betting patterns and then using a roulette strategy to win.

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When we look for the best roulette strategy or roulette system for online gambling with auto roulette, we need to look at several factors, firstly, anyone can have some level of success winning roulette with a martingale system, but when we are flat betting, we need to get more wins than losses.

We use roulette software to analyse the auto roulette table. This is how to win at roulette on a consistent basis. This isn’t a roulette trick, it is simply looking for betting patterns and then run a series of roulette systems.

This bet strategy has worked well for us for years and we typically stick to European roulette as it offers us much better odds at the casino.

In this case, we are testing our roulette strategy with an auto roulette table, otherwise known as air powered roulette or slingshot roulette!

If you want to beat roulette, you must have some betting strategy in place and then take the time to evaluate the table on an ongoing basis.

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How to win at roulette – Best Roulette Strategy for Auto Roulette

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  2. The other option. Instead of sitting around collecting the data. Take a screenshot of last 500 spins, then enter that data on the calculator. Most sites have a tab showing last 500 spins history.

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