Learn How To Play BACCARAT 7/30/2023

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Aww the RNG site is working BETTER : )) Still can’t totally trust the Feed completely yet in order to start using lager units. but the System is still holding well : )) Cheers !!

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Learn How To Play BACCARAT 7/30/2023

1 thought on “Learn How To Play BACCARAT 7/30/2023

  1. I think I heard you say that you felt the real money site you were on is actually RNG controlled. Why do you have that opinion? I don't get that impression at all.

    If you mean the cards are shuffled with an RNG controlled machine then OK, yes that part would be RNG but once the cards are in the shoe the order they come out can't be altered (that I know of). That's all very different from a FULL RNG game where you first place your bet and then the RNG decides on the order that the cards will be dealt.

    I have another question. How do you move your bankroll around when you play at different sites? Isn't that a major PITA?

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