Live Baccarat | Dealer Must Be Sleepy !!

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Follow us on our journey as we get rich off the casino. We gamble all the time it was only right we document our success and losses.

Watch The Dealer Give My Money Away | Live Baccarat

Wassup Gambling addicts. We are giving y’all a mini baccarat session. This is how we are getting rich off the casinos. Roulette is all fun and games but baccarat is how we really get paid and mean business. Watch this dealer pay the wrong person on my buy in. Simple mistake but I love when they mess up and give us great content to show you guys. I hope you guys enjoy this mini session. Remember the first giveaway will be announced January 31st. #baccart #lasvegas #fun #viral #shorts #baccart #love



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Live Baccarat | Dealer Must Be Sleepy !!

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  1. Bent cards at casinos I’ve been with causes them to reshuffle with new deck. They don’t let us touch them here in northern ca. idk why certain ones let ppl do that.

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