10 thoughts on “This is how I’ve turn $500 into $11K, Baccarat Casino Win

  1. Great work Jay. Vlad also. No matter where you go, haters are gonna hate. Stay safe.

  2. Jay, I'm a hater. I hate anyone who hates you. God bless, Brother. Stay healthy and keep making videos.

  3. It’s all about money management a win and loss cut off you can play any system and win but not all systems win all the time if they did the casinos would change the game 😂

  4. cashdeen5@gmail.com I have no comment but you doing good job Jay pleased send me baccarat bible as you saidin video Tq very much for you good video

  5. Great video man, thanks for the blessing. Could you please send the free materials that you mentioned in the video? My mail is nikolasyfa@gmail.com
    Definately strongly considering buying the course when I have the $$$.

  6. Jay, GREAT JOB BRA!!!
    I have never felt I was a Baccarat player in the past, but after watching videos of you teaching Baccarat. I am truly amazed. And I believe you simplify the game even more for your students? But until I can become one your students I will continue to follow you on video. Not sure if you're still offering the free materials but if you are? My email address is mannymartin21@gmail.com
    And Jay back in the past people hated on Jesus and he gave his life for our sins, I appreciate how you don't allow haters to stop you, but you constantly let them know… You know they're out there and you know who they are… Stay safe bruh…

  7. Jay can i please have your email so i can get the frequency and baccarat bible ? Mine in pjdbeastmode@gmail.com

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