Winning at Baccarat Day 12

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Winning at Baccarat Day 12

10 thoughts on “Winning at Baccarat Day 12

  1. Fishing for tables just proves that you don't believe that prior hands have no bearing on the next hand.

  2. Here's another joke for you. My grandfather died calmly and peacefully in his sleep. I can't say the same for the passengers in the car.

  3. Hey Wilson how do you work out your 5% , you stated at $184.44 +5% should be $193.66, same as game 11, you finished short of 5% profit

  4. Paying commission isn't so bad. I use to play only player to avoid commission. But, after losing a couple of thousands and realized that banker was actually showing up the majority of time, I switched to playing banker a lot more. I still play player some but not nearly as much. Having more success now but it could change at anytime.

  5. I think we have to open a account in the name of Bank 🏦 of Wilson..
    No where in the world 🌎 are you getting a 5% return on your money 💴.. 🍻
    Glad you are having fun mate ..
    Cheers Famo59 👍🍻⛏💴🇦🇺

  6. hello Mr Wilson , question do you or can you reveal this online speed baccarat site that you use ? very interested ,,thanks sir for all you do ..

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