100% WIN RATE | WHAT’S THE CATCH | PERMUTATION 26 – Baccarat Strategy Review

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Last week I stumbled across an interesting Baccarat strategy being demonstrated by the Smart Money Group on YouTube. Although demonstrated using a Baccarat simulator, it was showing some very positive results.

As such, I decided it was time to run this through the cogs of an analysis to see if it stood up to live dealer play.

Smart Money Group’s Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNwPLUgSLuMEopFauWtrUew



This series is dedicated to addressing the 1000’s of Casino game strategies and systems you will find on YouTube and the internet and providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision as to using them or not.

The strategies we will look at will predominantly be around the Casino games of Roulette and Baccarat but will also include other Casino games.

The aim here is not to promote gambling as a way of life, but to ensure that if you do play Casino games, you play them with the knowledge needed and play for entertainment only.

Please remember though, gambling can have a significant impact on your financial position as well as affecting your family and friends.

🔹 Don’t think of gambling as a way of making money.
🔹 Only gamble with money you can afford to lose.
🔹 Take frequent breaks.

Ultimately, the Casino has a mathematical advantage so you will LOSE in the long term.

If gambling is affecting you then please speak to your family or a professional organisation such as ‘BeGambleAware’. A link to their website can be found below.

Have fun and play sensibly…

🔞 BeGambleAware™️ – https://www.begambleaware.org/



Evolution Live Baccarat

🔹 Live Croupier
🔹 1000 Hands
🔹 8-Deck Clear Plastic Manual Shoe
🔹 5% Commission on Banker

Play is modelled in Microsoft Excel with a 100 Unit bankroll.
(1.00 = 1 Unit)


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Baccarat Strategy


بکرات حکمت عملی

Estratégia de Bacará

Стратегия баккара

Stratégie de Baccarat

Estrategia de Baccarat

बकारट रणनीति


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100% WIN RATE | WHAT’S THE CATCH | PERMUTATION 26 – Baccarat Strategy Review

10 thoughts on “100% WIN RATE | WHAT’S THE CATCH | PERMUTATION 26 – Baccarat Strategy Review

  1. Additional results from one of my sets of data with 40,000 hands. Wins; Bet1: 2596, Bet2: 1352, Bet3: 699, Bet4: 324, Bet5: 161, Bet6: 81. Total loss of all six bets: 72 Times.

  2. This method works best on choppy shoes,avoid betting on runs of four or more,or you can use the Stern method of betting

  3. Good job, I enjoy these videos but could you possibly show you playing a few rounds to show how it works, Thanks

  4. Are you related to them??? They take their strategy straight from Casino Amigo so you should be praising Wilson and not them! Just sayin… give credit where it’s due

  5. Again, this Marty in the Main Road business.🙄
    BBBBBPPP is a pattern seen daily in my local casino, I would never in a million years risk 63 units for that to not show up. Smart Money Group isn't very smart with their bankrolls, they often set it on fire.🙄
    Risking 63 units to win 2 or 3 times in a shoe is silly.
    Anyone with a 60 unit bankroll, didn't aquire it by risking it for small gains.

    Only risk what you can gain. If you are looking to gain 3 units, only risk 3 units, if you are risking 60 units, dont do it, unless you gain 60 units.

  6. why not use 1 2 3 4 5 betting strategy up when you lose down when you win…..slow climb but no stress

  7. Joe from smart money group does a good job with his presentations. Do you have something to offer that he has not considered?

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