Baccarat 100% Win rate! 250$ to 1000$ – PART 1 (250$ – 500$)

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Baccarat 100% Win rate! 250$ to 1000$ – PART 1 (250$ – 500$)
Hey Guys, Its G from Baccarat XL Team!

I am going to prove to you that the game of Baccarat is a beatable Game!
In this First Video – we will go from 250 to 500$ in under 50 min.
I could do it in 1-2 hands, but I want to prove to you that I can do it in the long terms – Meaning, playing a lot of hands and still end on top.

*The Sound in this Video is bad, sorry for that! will get fixed in the next videos.

My Baccarat Winning Strategy is not for sale, I am not teaching you How To Make Profit Playing Baccarat at the moment!
I want to teach you how to gamble in general first!

Leave a comment guys.. Lets start a Smart gambling Community!

PART 2 [500 – 800]:
PART 3 [800 – 1000]:

The casino I Play in:

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In the near Future I will make live games with you guys, and you will be able to bet with ME.
In order to do that – join my casino 🙂


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Baccarat 100% Win rate! 250$ to 1000$ – PART 1 (250$ – 500$)

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  1. Part 2 is on the way – I fixed the sound issue 🙂
    Want to join my SECRET team ? Email me 🙂
    Skype adress same as the email here!

  2. there is no point to watch the video if you only gonna show how you win money but don teach how..

  3. we can do more if we together without scam!

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  5. 2 voice at a same next time when you making video mute dealer voice. Your voice not hearing at all.

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