Baccarat, Betting Strategy #7 Double Betting 1-2-4[#百家乐 #바카라 #バカラ #bacará #баккара́ #บาคาร่า]

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Join this channel to get access to perks: This is the 2nd strategy of double betting and one of the effective strategies when you’re in the middle of a pattern.

In other words, you can use this strategy when you spot some pattern and are sure that it will continue until the next three hands come out, at least.

Double Betting 1-2-4
1 = 1 unit
2 = 2 units(Double previous bet)
4 = 4 units(Double previous bet)

Even assuming the worst case, only 1 unit is lost.

If you can predict the beginning, the crisis, and the end of the patterns, this strategy will be a lot easier.

Finally, go through the following real game examples.
One thing is, I play in the online casinos only for the sake of lesson videos. I never recommend it. I strongly recommend you train yourself with a free Baccarat game App, not online casinos.

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Baccarat, Betting Strategy #7 Double Betting 1-2-4[#百家乐 #바카라 #バカラ #bacará #баккара́ #บาคาร่า]

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  1. MBG are there any apps that allow you to upload a shoe in which you can play it back one hand at a time? It can be free or one that cost. I have the scoreboard app but it doesnt let you play back the shioe; hand by hand.

  2. Your right on line bad there cookies in the website and they skip bets pause and cards are out before there delt .CLOSEST CASINO TO ME THEY ONLY HAVE GOLDEN BACCARAT AND SHOES THAT CONTINUE ON THAT NEVER ENDS COMPUTERIZED ELECTRONIC STADIUM BACCARAT BUT I GIVE A TRY.Also I want to say amazing play how you knew the chop was going to end.

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