Baccarat Card Counting – Live Stream

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We tested the Baccarat Card Counting System against a live dealer.

Grab the spreadsheet here:

Also be sure to check out the original explanation video over here:

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Baccarat  Card Counting – Live Stream

10 thoughts on “Baccarat Card Counting – Live Stream

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  2. I also play baccarat but always lose in Vietnam a lot of people play this subject

  3. Software is designed following Martingale's playing techniques.Bet is the same for each won game, and is double on the adverse side in case of lose.

    Bet is the same for each won game, and is case of lost, bet is double for the other side.

    please Contact at if interested.N.B : for thos who want, same software can also be designed for Roulette game or another game

  4. I have got a baccarat game software to sell.It is working on the same website on which you play in live.

    The game functions by the control of the mouse by the software.The software plays automaticaly the chosen amount on the last won game (Player or banker).

  5. I thought the more positive the more you play player and the more negative the more you play banker ?

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