Baccarat Flat Bet Strategy- Christopher Mitchell Makes $1,225 Cash Profit.

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Baccarat Flat Bet Strategy- Christopher Mitchell Makes $1,225 Cash Profit. Christopher Mitchell Is An Entrepreneur & Professional Gambler Living In Las Vegas.
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In this video, Entrepreneur and Professional Gambler Christopher Mitchell uses his Baccarat flat bet strategy to make $1,225 cash profit.

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Baccarat Flat Bet Strategy- Christopher Mitchell Makes $1,225 Cash Profit.

10 thoughts on “Baccarat Flat Bet Strategy- Christopher Mitchell Makes $1,225 Cash Profit.

  1. Won’t love your music and we will see if flat bet works I would like to play $500 a hand w/out using martingale

  2. In my opinion,I feel as if when it comes to workout,dieting,achieving other things in life,it mostly requires hard work and discipline.However when it comes to being a PRO gambler, it requires discipline,hard work ON ANOTHER LEVEL as GREED is the ultimate discipline destroyer!

    Wouldn’t it be great if gambling wouldn’t make us greedy?!😍

    Bcs gambling makes us greedy,casinos as a business makes MONEY 💰

    Because gambling you can be up an unlimited amount and more and it’s NEVER enough!!!😮

    So ultimate respect to you Christopher for making a living/millions gambling!
    I know how difficult it can be keepin ALL that money not throwing it back into the casino!!!

    Who else agrees!?

  3. When One is Honest and Speaks Truth God is There. Say Hello to Stacy and Little Chris for me.

  4. There's nothing that the pit bosses frown upon more than someone getting up and leaving a table after a quick win like a bandit. I appreciate you also sharing your low moments Chris something that we all go through at some point😎

  5. I appreciate what you are doing bro you really don’t have too, i believe you 100% , you have changed my life so never feel like your message is not reaching people no matter how many trolls try to hate,
    Thank You.

  6. You have a beautiful family! Thanks for all your videos, my brothers and I are studying your strategies and they seem to work, very inspiring stuff. We hope to make some extra money to help pay off our dad’s debt. God Bless

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