10 thoughts on “Baccarat Live Play !! Wining Strategy with Money Management 4/11/19

  1. Try using google chrome instead of internet explorer. It fixed the issues for me in the past

  2. I am playing the same site with you. I have no problem with feeding…. maybe you u should try google chrome or check out the internet speed. Go to speedtest.net test out ur internet it could be your internet…

  3. I cant believe that in the USA you cant get a decent casino feed all the time, good to see you playing live though.

  4. Casino's always recommend to use google chrome. every time I had issues with connection and speed that was very first question from all of them..which browser are you using 🙂 . hope this helps

  5. @7zuI
    i cant send you email so i post it youtube faster
    pls check and let me know
    100% winning if you have 1000 per session roll
    But win less only aim for 6 unit per shoe for small bankroll like 300
    but for 1000 you can play as long as you want without risk

  6. LOL look and Good luck!
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