10 thoughts on “Baccarat ” LIVE PLAY ” Winning Strategies with M.M. By Gambling Chi

  1. Funny I was going to ask you why your at not at least doing $10 units with your balance πŸ‘ Well after my good run, I fell deep into a rabbit hole going down $1500 😲 Hit a bet high of $115. Had to stop, couldn't get my bets lower then $100 and running out of money fast. Over the next 2-3 days I made it back using a kind of reverse progression. Would start at $50 and worked my way down to give me more breathing room while maximizing profit, then multiple times starting at $25. Risky starting higher then base bet, but may be a good way to recap from a deep hole.

  2. Chi, from your experience which online casino that i should open an account to play the baccarat ? thank you

  3. Change the color to black background, see if you like that. I do. It’s the double color icon left of all the denomination options.

  4. This system u playing is the same as chop system u create long time ago. I don’t see the difference. Can u please explain.

  5. Most important thing in Baccarat or Punto Banco game ! ( they are the same game ) ! To knowing how to Analyze, from result of analyze making the bet as having the right Money Management system !!! Baccarat game = Unpredictable ! But with the right winning system can be making profit !!!

  6. 2 things can be happen : Jump or Copy ! But 3 majority draws have mostly is : Chap Chap = P B P B P B P Doubles : P P B B P P B B P P Copy : P P P P P P P or B B B B B B B B From this 3 patern changing and between ! This making human brain confuse!

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