Baccarat Strategies by Chi 6/24/19

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WOW I burned through FOUR SYSTEMS !! Before I made a profit …THIS WAS BRUTAL !! …. Oh and my payout from is on it’s way with NO fees : )) Cheers :))

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Baccarat Strategies by Chi 6/24/19

3 thoughts on “Baccarat Strategies by Chi 6/24/19

  1. You deserve “double thumbs up” for this video and grinding it out, and anyone that watches it entirely deserves a stiff drink.
    Just shows how bad it can get and anyone considering gambling with REAL money should watch this

  2. Well, if this had been live play for real money then you certainly wouldn't have any more problems meeting roll over requirements 😉 But seriously, great vid & great job digging yourself out of that DEEP hole!!

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