10 thoughts on “Baccarat Strategy 3% Challenge UPDATE – Turn $100 Into $200

  1. Glad to hear that you doubled the bankroll. I definitely agree with the second account. If winning 3 units after playing is NOT enough satisfaction for the day, then you can play more in a different place so your trial isn't ruined and messed up. Your doing wonderful Cheetos, just keep the slow and comfortable pace. Also you can ( NEVER ) have too many pep talks and reality checks through this. Also this is gonna sound familiar but you have to win slowly so that your mind can catch up to the bankroll you have and embrace it. Finally remember ONE…. ONE day at a time friend. 😎

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  3. notice how he has the monster like Mitchell and also the 100's are fake if you take a closer look they have the Chinese symbols of them, stop being a fake and show real.

  4. I'm doing the same thing with the Baccologist's super 7 strategy. I'm keeping a spreadsheet so ill share it every once in a while.

  5. Good stuff Cheetos. Keep going strong. Gotta start somewhere. Took me years to devise my betting strategies in sports betting. And these days I make constant gains from week to week. This month my profits are 153% at the moment. And in February my profits were 224%.

  6. cheetos,can you post again a video with the MM strategy you are doing?as i have forgot since you been off for a month..i guess is the full proof one,not sure…thank you

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