Baccarat strategy – 3:2 columns – 8 units profit

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Back with another Baccarat strategy video. This one was sent in by a views, it might be out there under another name but I’m calling it 3:2 columns. Its pretty straightforward but I can see it being a slow game if you don’t have the option of playing more than one table at a time.

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Baccarat strategy – 3:2 columns – 8 units profit

4 thoughts on “Baccarat strategy – 3:2 columns – 8 units profit

  1. Correction here: You don't leave a shoe if you fail the first hit, you stay and try to find another column and finish it. Precisely because it's a waiting game and you are to use martingale according to the guy, it's pretty dangerous if you are left hanging out to dry if the shoe doesn't produce any trigger columns for you to play till the end.

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  3. Have baccarat prediction programs been used?

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