Baccarat strategy – Golden Eagle – Urgh

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Ok then, another Golden Eagle video. I’ve absolutely given up on this Baccarat strategy. When it goes well its actually quite nice. But if you end up in the defensive betting progression and don’t get a banker streak you’ll sit there all day watching your balance slowly trickle away. This is the first strategy I’ve paid for and I won’t be paying for any others. There is far better info on Youtube for free.

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Baccarat strategy – Golden Eagle – Urgh

5 thoughts on “Baccarat strategy – Golden Eagle – Urgh

  1. Wery slowly and not work,every sesion you play thath strategy you play almost 1 hour….

  2. I still like NC permutation 33(which is a old strategy called top and tail) played with Marti.
    I only play for 3 units per shoe.
    If I was going to play the whole shoe I would play 2 systems/strategies in the same shoe..
    Nice to put a face to the voice…..

  3. RIP Golden Eagle… the Golden Eagle laid a giant egg! Bye bye birdie you go. 😢

  4. Hôm qua tôi mới thắng được hũ bự tại Asia99 khá ổn áp anh em ạ. Ai qua chơi với tui không kkk lập team chơi này.

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