Baccarat Strategy to Win #26

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Baccarat Strategy to Win #26

In This video, Craig goes over the P2 System with the extended progression of the 1478 Betting System.

Complete 1478 Progression:
Based on .10 cent unit size…

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Baccarat Strategy to Win #26

4 thoughts on “Baccarat Strategy to Win #26

  1. Hey Craig, Great video. Seems like a very solid MM method you are using there. I like the way you decrease your bet size once you are close to hitting your goal. Never know when a bad run will start. Much easier to overcome if you start down low like that.

  2. Hey man. What a neat video. Just imagine if everywhere the bets could be that low? You would have an almost stress free session each time. Also you could cash out between $200 & $300 each month ( assuming you win each day ) and STILL build and grow the bankroll.

    Lastly Im seeing Birthday wishes for you in comment section. If thats so, then I hope your Birthday 🎂 was fun and enjoyable. 😎

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