5 thoughts on “Baccarat: Sunday System Spotlight No Mirror Double Box

  1. Hi like it …but explain the principle of box 2….do you play vertically or horizontally .I’m a little confused as you won on your second bet in the 2nd box?I get you don’t count the middle.(is that of both boxes)
    So let say you win your fifth bet (box 12) you wait until completing box 18(3 columns) and then start playing box 2.Its gone across BBB we play P it loses.2nd line across goes BPB we play P it loses.
    3rd across goes BBB we play P it looses what the forth bet?Is it row 4,column 4 (box 22) and the row 5 23?Explain the second box.Yours in baccarat Chris

  2. Please tell your viewers that patterns do not matter. It’s money management and i wish you would take a look at our money management system. Let me ask you this. Is the game a 50/50 proposition? If you answered yes then your bet selection has no bearing on the outcome. If you answered no it’s not a 50/50 prop then i think you are sadly mistaken.

  3. If you use probability as a determining factor in this game then you are also headed toward disaster. If you lose 8 IAR you can't say well the odds are 500 to one (or whatever the odds are ) that you'll lose 9 IAR. The odds are 50/50. There was a channel that lasted about two videos where the guy claimed by playing the probability he could beat the game. Go ahead and ask the Wizard if probability comes into play in baccarat. His answer will be a resounding no but hey, what do i know 🙂

  4. Your Baccarat Strategy Reviews are good. You need to test each system on at least 100 shoes to get enough data to evaluate if a strategy works well. The more shoes tested the better. Baccarat is a random game, no strategy will work 100% of the time.

  5. Any reason for leaving out the middle box other than it would create a 9 Marty?
    Cheers Chris

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