6 thoughts on “Baccarat: The Game Winning Kick System

  1. This kind of methods (with signs) are very very strong. I have Something similar ( my sign is a cross). With the right bankroll and good management this is the saint grall. I beat the game every day with this kind of methods. 👍💪

  2. Nope…too risky.Your Double Punch much better…in that last shoe 5 wins to the double punch….yes I realise The GWK is player only….but ….you nearly came unstuck in two demo shoes.It doesn’t feel right.
    I think for a player only system the H5 system you demoed is better with a twist… no change over to bank after loosing 4 players straight.
    Stay on player and Marty the hell out of it.Win count 5…come in on the six…Super marty 6 than flat marty 3…win 5 units($50) or less per shoe ( i use a 10,20,45,95,195,400,800,1600,3200 progression) get out.(if pushed to 6 you win 35+).If long bank runs i go 5,10,20,45 etc giving me Marty 10.
    I’m up 300 units in 12 sessions of play….only been pushed to 9th once and 8th 3 times….it will get me but hopefully not before I make another 300 plus.I’m pushing boundaries but confidence is high.

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