Baccarat Winner Simple System

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WINNER WINNER How to Make Money Baccarat, Let’s talk about Money, Making Money Keeping Money, Investing Money

My Simulator I got mine from Craig. His email is

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Baccarat Winner Simple  System

10 thoughts on “Baccarat Winner Simple System

  1. Good strategy but I’d change the bet strategy to (1-2-)(2-5-)(5-10-)(10-25-)(25-50-)(50-100)…that way you can go thru 12 bets instead of only 6 before a loss……The thing about it is that you need 2 wins on any of these 6 levels before dropping back down to a minimum bet….

  2. Once again an awesome bet selection Wilson. 😄. Made it great when you did a Live Play with real money.

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