6 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategies R.N.G. Real $$ Live Play Real $$ By G.C.

  1. Nice intro, but prefer watching live play. The video is not always in sync with what you are saying…watch it yourself and you will see what I mean.

  2. I absolutely enjoy those chips falling from the sky and the Musics playing to serenade you each time you win a hand ! Just Brilliant ! I will watch the rest of this video tomorrow and give my final thoughts. 😎

  3. Hey ! My man Chi !! I want you to take some time as you go to watch this video 4 yourself you are SO funny ! I love how the captions say things that you didn't say. I almost DIED SO so many times when the words on the screen were absolutely NOT what you actually said. VERY entertaining video !! 😎

  4. Quick question, is there a way to refresh the chart board, mine would not update? Also is there a second martingale needed if lost 7 str8 hands for the 8th hand.? Tried a different Rng after board not updating. System was aces won alot of with low risk.

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