7 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategies with M.M. NEW SYSTEM !! 6/9/19

  1. I was thinking prior to this how to over to a dominant side and this is it I believe, good work Chi 👍🏻

  2. Just had 6 streaks 3 of each just had £500 and £5 bets and crashed out at next hand £60 and you went £300 down but we’re £100 before hand.
    Think you need min £1000

  3. Just tried this and lost 15 out of 18 hands, hit my stop loss. I still like the idea of this system, just had the misfortune to test it out on the perfectly wrong shoe, lol.

  4. ​ @Baccarat Chi 3 Videos Do all systems really "Fail". If a system wins say 9 out 12 shoes in a row…did it "Fail" . You are right MM is the number one thing that keeps you winning and you must have a big bankroll if you want to be a winner. Dont expect to walk in a casino with $100 in your pocket and win consistently. Can it be done…sure but then its just luck.

    Here is how I play and never lose a "Shoe" . I treat each time I sit at the table as a "session". A session consists of all the shoes I play to reach my target win. I have a win stop per shoe and per session and NO stop Loss. Since my system wins 9 out of 12 and so does yours based on what I see, then why stop at the end of a shoe.

    Lets say that your down 10 units at the end of a shoe OR you have a bad shoe and jump out of it. Well, most people then take the loss and start over on the next shoe and try to "win it back". I would play my next progression from the 10 units on the fist "Trigger" of the next shoe.

    All i am saying to try to help is everyone says their system Fails if they lose a shoe or two here or there and try to make the "system" better. If you win way more than you lose with a system then it does NOT FAIL. You just did not bring enough money to see the system win.

    Now on the Stop Win for each shoe. When I get to 6 units UP I stop that shoe and wait for the next. Can I win more…..Sure but six units a shoe on average is my comfort level. How many times have you got up 6 or 10 units quick and then it turns on you. Some of you may say well when I get a good shoe I can win 20 or 30 units but on the next shoe you can lose that many also.

    Anyways keep up the good work and just wanted to jump in and maybe have a mind opening take on "DO ALL SYSTEMS FAIL"…I dont believe they do.

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