Baccarat Winning Strategy – $100 to $500 Quest #1

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I am trying a new strategy using the “Bead Road”. The goal of those videos will be to show you that when you are trying a new strategy, you need to start with a small bankroll because if you don’t and you realize that it’s not working well, you will lost a lot more than if you had start with small money. I will target a maximum of 4-5 units to win every session.

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Baccarat Winning Strategy – $100 to $500 Quest #1

9 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy – $100 to $500 Quest #1

  1. hi . Thanks again for inspiration . I see that sharing tips within a group can be great. the idea that is stuck to my mind right now is creating a system that combines both Bead road and the Big road 1 to 3 zones . Bet selection can be based on the Bead road which is far more choppy than the big road, but keeping an eye on the big road as well so as to not bet outside 1 to 3 zone of the big road(that is if it goes to 4 we wait for the streak to end). I believe that should filter out many losing bets which were looking ok to bet on the bead road but they were too risky to bet according to big road( example: i have a one on the bead road to bet on, but on the big road i have a 5th or a 6th to bet that will continue to streak , which is risky).So i'll use the bead road as the main guide for my bet selection, and I'll use the big road as an additional confirmation that I'm betting inside the 1 to 3 profit zone there as well. I hope that makes sense . I'll test it and let you know

  2. Wow 😯 Mr Cheetos, you must have a really high boredom threshold. 3 hours 47 min video 😁 of baccarat.

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