2 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy – 89 SPECIAL + NO MIRROR – #4

  1. ok, so why 4 out of 6? because if you only have 2 vs 1 it's premature to say that the side with 2 will be the side with more wins at the end of the column. After 3 vs 0, the casino needs 3 of the opposite side to create an even column, and I only need 1 result of the dominant side to create an uneven column and win.

  2. Hey Cheetos .. 8:46 you made a mistake. Natural Player .. free card is another Natural Player (same side so bet twice on Player) .. your result should have been L W. I guess you lost focus bc you were talking about roulette. One mistake & it can go downhill.

    If you were playing correctly without the mistake .. your session should have ended on BET #17 with a +5 using Bet Spreads. 89 (priority) & No Mirror won 9/17 hands this shoe .. giving you a hit rate of 53%

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