6 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy By Gambling Chi.. Live Play 11/7/22

  1. Sad to say but Monte Carlo will NOT get fixed unless many many folks continue to call them and complain about it. It may be a couple of months before they do anything about it I don't know. 🙁

  2. Hello Gambling Chi. If you ever need help making money in baccarat I will be happy to get on live stream and show you the picks for free. In fact, I will make winning picks for anyone who wants it for free. Let me know and I can go on zoom or something. I am desperately trying to open an account on an online casino that will let us cash out when we win. I have done many test runs on wizards of odds and am able to turn the 10K to 20k each day with no sweat. If anyone don't believe me just get me on live stream and see, I will do it for free. I am not in the United States so I just don't know how to open an online casino account. I will even pay anyone who can help me open up an account.

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