6 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy By Gambling Chi ” LIVE PLAY ” 3/15/2021

  1. You said that if you wanted to practice the same way as you are playing live with the $1 units for U3D4 you can't do it on WOO because they don't have $1 units. So to get around that what you could do on WOO is to multiply everything by 5 for practice play. So Base bet $25 and the U3D4 is Up $15 and Down $20. That way everything is proportional. When you get done at the end just divide your result by 5 to see how you would have turned out with $5 base and $1 units for U3D4.

  2. Great video. I hope you are doing well. May I suggest the 2-1-2 betting system. It is positive progressive, where you flat be if you lose and move up on a win. You profit 5 units on 3 consecutive wins and after that, you just add 1 unit after a win. If you lose you go back to 2 units. I hope I explained it well.

  3. Live play was good. Never got too awfully high. The practice play left some questions about how far you can vere off before the base bet comes back. And then how far down you will be. Im going to assume that you have to be excellent at math to see at what point that occurs. So when you hit close to that then the proper adjustments can be made to better control how far down you are when base bet comes back. What that is currently I have no idea. Just something to calculate and run the figures on. With this example it was 400 down.
    So next would be to look at how to get that number lower? Just stating ideas.
    This was wonderful material like only you know how to make it.😎

  4. Hey Chi, nice to see ur still at it with the live play! Just wondering if you would be up to a challenge? Run your best system against the BNB 1000 shoe simulator 29 and post your results… so far Smart Money Group, Baccologist, and Casino Amigos have deleted my posts because i know their systems don’t work and they know this too… if you don’t have the time I understand but it’s well worth your while if you do and it works… i will be posting a Channel review and since me being a fan of yours, i want to give you and your channel the best review possible!

  5. Chi sir , would you please tell me if you see banker banker (2 banker) you will change to banker pattern or 3banker show up you will change?
    May I know which one is better?
    Thank you

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