7 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy – Live Casino Session #3 – Majority 6 System

  1. Mister Zlatan Ibrahimovic, please check who thumbs down the two dislikes? I think it's the bald-headed Botak Con-Artist Christopher Mitchell & Stacy the Witch! TQ

  2. I've had my own strategy going in Baccarat for the past couple of days. I'm in profit… I'm basically doing a Fibonacci sequence. 1,2,3,5,8,13.. and it stops there. I'm betting no mirror on the previous 6 outcomes until a tie happens. I win 1 more, then I wait for a new 6 to come out B or P after the tie.. then start the no mirror again.
    If a tie comes out I don't bet until 6 consecutive comes out without a tie.
    Oh and if I lose the 6 bets, I don't double up. I just keep going. I think longterm has the ability to win more than lose.

  3. Mister Zlatan Ibrahimovic, did you watch BlackJack Lovers playing LIVE? He was generous & aggressive in his play against Baccarat often playing all available tables! All the time, these tables were under his radar but he was under enemy's control! I heard he lost eventually in the session but he'll fight back again later! You are more conservative! Perhaps, after you win more consistently then you increase your betting amount so that you can make a living playing Baccarat as a Professional gambler! TQ

  4. Just finished this one and got ONE MORE to go. Alot of GREAT conversations in this one I missed but ….
    Seems like you stopped the bleeding for a little while. Good job there.😎

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