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  1. I agree with playing "house way" after 5 consecutive players or bankers (as opposed to six)…at some point, you will catch a very long streak of consecutive players or bankers. I also use the derived roads at Baccarat, but it would be too cumbersome for me to explain my approach. Like you, I have spent many hours practicing on the Wizard of Odds to practice and reinforce my method of playing Baccarat.

  2. Nice Live play win 👍 I did add this version to my flat bet playing. Always, good to have multiple systems to pick from as needed 😏

  3. You asked about the hand that you won your third chip on. She dealt correctly. The B hand third card draw rule in play there is: "When the B has a two card total of 4 then it will take a third card when the third card given to the P was a 2 –7 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). Since the third card given to P was a 10 value card = no draw."
    This rule is part of what gives the B hand a slight advantage.

    Remember, the B third card draw rules have nothing to do with whether or not the B is ahead after 5 cards. That is the confusing thing about the third card draw rules.

    Side note: Any time no third card is given to P at all then the B follows the same rules as P = hit on anything less than two card total of 6. So the only time the "special" 3rd card draw rules for B come into play is on hands where the P gets a 3rd card. Therefore the only time B enjoys it's slight edge is on hands where P gets a third card.

    Handy cheat sheet for B third card draw rules:
    So if you can remember these 3 numbers (write them down) then you know 90% of the third card draw rules for B: 427, 547, 667.
    The only other thing to remember is the "38 Special". When B has a two card total off 3 it always draws except when the third card given to P was an 8.

    Anyone who plays Bac in a B & M casino should definitely burn these rules into your mind because dealer mistakes can & do happen. And not just by inexperienced dealers. I see them more frequently than one would expect.

  4. Quite a tweak l notice. Instead of betting with the streak after three or four, now you are waiting five or six….how did this come about? I agree we need to constantly evolve to play this game.

  5. Just gave you a shout out on my latest video… we want back to playing live… Thanks for letting me know about betonline.ag

  6. I was wondering if you could take ALL your systems like NCAA FOOTBALL 🏈 and rank them in the top 10 like they do top 25. Then EVERY TWO WEEKS update it and tell us who is in the lead and #1 !!
    Would be interesting. 😎
    Just think about it. And see what you get.

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