10 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy ” LIVE PLAY ” By Gambling Chi 4/11/21

  1. One bad losing streak would hurt this system and deplete most bankrolls. I would just stick with dalembert imo

  2. I liked your extended play idea, to give you 2 shots. Too bad you were on the wrong table to do it. Practice play brutality…film at 11 lol. That was a rough one for sure.

  3. When I first saw the length of this vid I thought OH, OH, Chi went way down the rabbit hole in live play & I feared the worst. Thankfully that was not the case and you scored a nice quick easy-peasy win in live play.

    This is another GREAT instructional vid because it showed just how brutal things can get. Thankfully the deep rabbit hole journey happened in practice play. Just as we both suspected, after the deep rabbit hole trip and eventual return to base bet you were still way down. IF this had been live play I would STRONGLY recommend that you raise the white flag at that point & accept the painful loss. Live to fight another day. I am talking about the situation that developed right at the 54:10 mark of the vid. While the ~ 45 unit loss at that point would have been a bitter pill to swallow it's nothing you can't recoup with 7 or 8 quick easy wins. By continuing onward at that point you are risking LOT more than 45 units. You are risking your complete bankroll or 400 units which is in a whole different ball park compared to 45 units. Again at the 1:18:45 mark of the vid you got down to base & could have quit at ~28 units down. If that happened to me I would be thanking my lucky stars and running out of the casino with what I would consider a minimal loss. The way I look at those situations is that I made a NICE comeback from down 125 units (at the low point) all the way back to down 28 units.

    IMO any gambler who wants to survive long term HAS TO be able to accept small/medium losses when things are just not going right. Thankfully this rabbit hole journey happened during practice play. IF it had been real money play then human emotions get involved which opens the door to going on tilt. That being said, since this rabbit hole was PRACTICE play I was glad to see you continue. And you are right. The end result DID demonstrate just how resilient this form of MM truly is. IMO this was your BEST EVER video. FAR superior to anything else I have seen on Youtube.

  4. 😱 WOW!! What an action packed adventure! The best part of this system is that when you got down to base after a LARGE rabbit hole, is that you lost ONLY about 10% of the bankroll. ( give or take a few dollars.) So the bulk of BR can be rescued after down to base. But excellent job grinding and fighting it out. You even rescued the amount lost plus a little. Overall just impressive. 😎

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  6. please post more vido. you really d not need to bet big for us. i am addicted t your video so entertaining. so far you are my most favorite velog coz you avoid interfering other vlogers and gossip. that is a very big plus for me.

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