9 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy : LIVE PLAY ” THINGS GOT CRAZY !!

  1. If anything you are consistent. When things go south, you abandoned money management, any stop loss, and go for the big bets. Great that it has worked out, but do as I say, not as I do, isn't the greatest example of money management 😏

  2. Wow, sure was a brutal start to that shoe. Very glad your big Chi bet won. Whenever I see you make a BIG bet like that I can't help but wonder what you would have done next if it had lost.

    I am also thinking that today you may have been playing with a time constraint. You can call them Chi bets if you want but it sure smelled like a couple of TILT bets there to me. But, hey, you have had excellent results on your BIG Chi bets so if it works……

    The way that you won that $500 hand was incredible. I thought for sure your goose was cooked. On the sixth card in that hand Only 2 cards out of 13 could have given you the win. Amazing.

  3. It was a streaky shoe. And i noticed naturals streaked and it chopped after a 7 win.

  4. WELCOME BACK MAN!!! a few things
    1. They put 11 cards in front of the cut card so when cut card is out then those 11 cards can cover the last hand of the shoe ( possibly 6 used ) then 5 unused cards remain and that ends it.Five cards is NOT enough for another hand to be played if after 4 cards its P5 and B2 card to player then shoe is EMPTY. You see??
    2nd. Not only are you the GREATEST D'alembert player to EVER LIVE!! but when that begins to fall to pieces then you show THE MAGICIAN'S talent with a CHI bet that's ALL OR NOTHING and usually you get that. So congratulations there!! Im so FED UP with everyone saying you CANNOT WIN ONLINE!! GREAT WORK THERE!! At least the $9 profit can get you Mcdonald's or whatever you enjoy🤣🤣🤣! You deserve it after this struggle! 😎

  5. Geeeeez – they do say “7 never wins” over here ….good to hear you would stopped if the $500 lost- me on the other hand would have kamikazed the bankroll. 🤕

  6. I wonder if that money that you play is real money or is it the simulator that gives you 5000 dollars for you to train

  7. I notice when you bet that $500 on banker and the dealer hit on your 6 . You are lucky , because If you play on bovada you would stay on a 6

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