6 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy ..REAL PLAY 1/27/19

  1. Hi Chi. I like to use 1/2 units. Example: If my base wager is $10, I go up 2 one-half units ($10) after the first loss, and go down 3 one-half units ($15) after the first win, and going down two-half units ($10) after all subsequent wins. Also, I only play for single chops (that are not part of a cluster), breakouts (for last decision to continue win), and any time there are 4 consecutive B's or P's (for last decision to win). If I lose the first 2 wagers of $10 and $20, and win the third wager of $30, I am at break-even (less commission), and restart at $10. Finally, any time I win 2.5 units ($25) or less, my next wager is my base wager of $10. Let's assume I lose 4 consecutive wagers, and then win 3 consecutive wagers. Ignoring commission, I lose $10 + $20 + $30 + $40 = $100, followed by win a $50. As per rules stated above, the next wager is 3 half-units ($15) less, or $35. After winning $35, next wager is 2 half-units down, or $25. After winning $25, as per rules above, my next wager is the base wager of $10. In summary, I have lost 4 wagers totaling $100, and won 3 wagers totaling $110, showing a net profit of $10. You could use this same progression using a $6 base wager for real money, and going up two half-units ($6) after a loss, going down three half-units ($9) after your first win, and going down two half-units ($6) on all subsequent wins. In this case, you are always returning to your base wager of $6 any time you win a wager of 2.5 units ($15) or less. I hope this helps.

  2. I truly believe you have found the cornerstone of a long-term profitable strategy. BTW…it's spelled "winning", not "wining". Cheers!

  3. Yeah your better off trying to use this modified on blackjack or craps my suggestion is craps I do not like casino card games nowadays there is a great possibility the automatic shoe is always rigged to set deck in dealer favor that’s why I like craps it’s the only game on casino that the player makes the end result I once played a bj game where dealer had 4 natural bj in a row followed by 2 unnatural bj followed by a few 20 hands and 19 hands lol luckily I was not betting much only lost 500$ player next to me tho lost biiiig time well over 5k he was using a variant martingale strategy , since then I’ve never played bj or any card game at casino I stick to craps or sports betting

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