8 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy with Real $$$ By Gambling Chi 2/2/2021

  1. Great content. What was your starting bankroll and how long did it take you to bring it to 10k? Also what Money Management System are you using? Please advise. Thank you.

  2. my friend please please change the color of pattern from black to white. it is hard to follow the pattern. i appreciate. love you bro. i love your videos

  3. Please check your you tube studio and see if my comment is held for review I sent you something and its NOT showing up on my end.
    I try and send it another day if you dont see it anywhere

  4. Another great video 👍

    I just finally tried a VPN cause I had no clue on what it was and now I'm able to play at one of those online casino with the Evolution tables. Man so many choices now and I can finally table hop lol

  5. BACCARAT SCAM ALERT! Hi Chi, just wanted to give your viewers a heads up on these guys!…Smart Money Group is getting people to apply to their group by saying they will give 3 lucky people the chance of $10,000 to play with their elite group. All you have to do is fill out a 4 page application to join their group. The application asks for SSN, job references, credit references and personal references… Don't believe a thing these tools say!!! Guess what, odds are you ain't gettin selected Sonny… But they will thank you for giving them your information! What they are doing is against YT terms of service. Read their About statement on their YT channel site and you'll see they have nothing to do with baccarat and are really a front to sell their app… This is all my opinion even though i state the facts… but be forewarned, when I ask them the tough questions they won't answer so that tells you something now doesn't it?

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