Banker Player Probability Strategy

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This Unique Strategy will help you find the right Table to play on in a Casino.

The trick in winning consistetly is actually playing on the correct Table to match your Strategy.

You willl find your wins come earlier in the Martingale Levels which is always very calming and rewarding!

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Banker Player Probability Strategy

10 thoughts on “Banker Player Probability Strategy

  1. Joe, you were just on Casino Amigos channel a week ago bashing this same Marty system that Wilson was promoting??
    Not sure why you waste time with these unrealistic systems. Its all just blind betting that makes no sense whatsoever

  2. I been playing for about 2 years and still loosing…but i learned a lot …i want to play with big bankroll

  3. Totally untrue! How can you say it matters to wait for 25 hands?? The odds are always the same no matter if there were one or 21 bankers in a row! Don't ask me, ask the Wizard…

  4. Bên ASIA99 chơi okee, giao diện khá đẹp, nhà cái quốc tế có khác anh em ạ.

  5. But… the cards that were already dealt don’t actually have any mathematical effect on the next cards that are coming. The history of the hands are not information, just like the numbers hit on roulette aren’t information. If I’m wrong please explain how?

    Tell me how the past wins effect the next cards mathematically. If anything, this would act as some sort of card counting, by way of accounting for the cards that have already been dealt.

    I’m sorry but this is just superstition, no?

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