10 thoughts on “Best Baccarat Strategy – Professional Gambler Tells How To Win Everyday

  1. Nicely done King, Awesome Video, Sure this hits a nerve with CM!! nicely played……….

  2. Hey Cheetos, great video. I asked before and I know you're a busy guy, but would you be able to email me your triggers for this video or how you are playing in general. I would appreciate it!! Thanks c.resmer@yahoo.com

  3. Look for your email 📧 when you get a free hand. ( lol I don't mean on the Baccarat table 😃) I will try to send it in an hr or so.

  4. if you are right .
    You would double your capital every 2 week at 5% a day!
    Do you sell your strategy?

    any body here have try it?

    What is your Max bet mister Cheetos ?

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