10 thoughts on “[Brunson FX Winning Strategy] For Baccarat And Win $2,000,000 + Apology To My Haters

  1. YES!!! You are right on. He is full of nonsense. He has banned me from making comments on his videos and I have been challenging him from the very beginning. I am so glad that you made this video.

  2. that brunson is now crying in his 1 by 1 bedroom like a baby caught pooping in his pants … all he says are lies … i think brunson / walter is a woman for real too … probably a converted guy … a chick with a man's voice.
    it has become very quiet on youtube. good job👍

  3. Hi cheetosbaccarat.
    You look like a cool dude now😎 good to see another video from you.
    Anyways he is doing ONE final video and its over for good from what i heard. I had some thoughts about some stuff you mentioned but its not worth an argument so i won't discuss it. Lastly you take care of yourself and keep letting your sense of humor out here and there between taking care of business and completing YOUR missions on YT. See you around pal.

  4. 10:15– 10:40 IM ROTFLMAO!!!!😁😁
    ALL we need now is someone addicted to imitation casino chips
    HELL if i start making demonstration videos i might buy some to use in them. Just a few though.☺ That was hilarious!
    You can make things so funny even when you wanna make a POINT! I cant help but enjoy your channel.

  5. Pleas help me get this scammer off YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9y2SLu3Q5BU

  6. How could people think he has a strategy in a game where each hand is a random independent event

  7. Watch this .. this is the best Bacca free learning vidoe i found on youtube https://youtu.be/CEkIqstvNDU

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