BRUTAL End to $800 Poker Tournament ($130,000 for 1st!)

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Welcome to our very 1st poker tournament vlog. Believe it or not, we have always preferred playing tournaments over cash games. In this video, we play an $800 buy-in tournament at the Venetian in Las Vegas, NV.

Let me know in the comments if you prefer tournaments or cash more?


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Intro 00:00
Hand #1 00:20
Hand #2 02:17
Hand #3 03:39
Hand #4 05:17
Hand #5 06:37
Hand #6 09:52
Hand #7 11:32
Debrief 13:48
Bonus 14:56

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BRUTAL End to $800 Poker Tournament ($130,000 for 1st!)

10 thoughts on “BRUTAL End to $800 Poker Tournament ($130,000 for 1st!)

  1. "For the Damaged Coda" at the end of the brutal cooler is perfect😂! The guy with Aces is Evil Morty and he just blasted you into the vacuum of space. Brutal!!

  2. Brutal river, but I doubt he was folding even if you jammed the flop with his stack size and Aces.
    A couple of your comments reminded of Jeff B, it would've been funny if "Did I Win? Does he cover me?" at the end.
    As you said that's tournaments for you.

  3. Without those cooler hands, you probably would’ve gone deep. Well done nevertheless. Keep at it!

  4. Bro, "Oldish White Male"?! on the AA vs KK hand. That was me. That was also me who flatted with the Queens vs the A7 squeeze. And how do you not mention that the dude with KQ vs A4 had a MAGA hat on and we all cheered when you knocked him out? By the way, my wife thinks I'm nitty, she just doesn't know what nitty means and she laughed at this video. It was good meeting/playing with you. I ended up 39th place for $3100.

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