10 thoughts on “CHRISTOPHER MITCHELL “BACCARAT” $12,325 Cash Profit SCAM

  1. 3:38 is where you make your mistake. Row 28 yes he does lose his 5th MG. But row 29 he wins his 6th MG. Putting him at plus 1 unit. Then he finishes out the shoe with plus 5 units. If you MG $100 bets at row 29 you are up $100 from row 23. Depending on how much your positive progression you would make a lot of money in the second half of the shoe

    The first half of the shoe up to row 23, you would be up plus 11 units! If you listen to Chris’s money management discipline strategy you would have hit your winning profit stop point and should have been finished with that shoe.

    This is a huge winging shoe for Chris. If you want I can calculate the profits on a higher roller table of $100 per hand.

    It’s fine to be the voice of reason but you can’t have errors in your critic of the system. This shoe was a huge money maker. Like Chris or hate him, his system was profitable but your application of it was off.

  2. 5:53 – he doesn’t lose his 6th MG. You are repeating the same mistake in your analysis of the first shoe. He does lose the 5th MG. Then it’s a tie but then he bets player and it’s player. He wins that hand and wins his 6th MG. He is positive 1 unit.

    Following that tons of streaks on this shoe with no more areas that Chris goes into dew water on a 5th MG. It’s all smooth sailing. Chris cleans up and makes money on this one.

    Chris told the truth. Cheetos your analysis is wrong but you play his system wrong. This is you, not him

  3. That's system doesn't work because you depends too much on it, it happens in the running game (non-stop bet per round) , 3 losing streak in a row you should stop , wait for 2 ,3 or 5 round. Then place ur bet again. I explains based on my gambling experience. U need to know when to stop, if u keep running per game.. it might cost you losing a lot of money.

  4. I watched one of his videos the other day and it took 2 minutes to spot the guy doesn't make money gambling, he makes money selling systems.

  5. If he can win then pigs can fly!ou did a terrific job dude keep up the nice work!㊗️all the best!

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  7. Lets be realistic here and think about a few things before you call him a complete scam… If he started bets with $100 which he claims he does and MG his losses yes he would have lost a ton I totally agree with you 100% But, you are calling the guy a complete scam. The dude is flashing thousands of dollars in your face at all times in every single video he posts. We don't know the dudes bank account but we know he owns at least $10k bcuz thats his bankroll every time he "plays". I don't believe Chris is that guy to walk into a casino with $10K just to make videos on youtube. Now could he have lied in his videos with those scorecards? Absolutely. Does that make the guy a complete SCAM? I wouldn't say so… Im sure you lie also on a regular basis like everyone of us. Gamblers gamble and drinkers drink but you cant gamble when the funds run out and you cant drink if you have no liver. Long story short. The guy is gambling so he has funds left which leads me to believe that he might not be half bad bcuz he still has funds to play with.

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