Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Winning Strategy Day 9- $2,355 Cash Profit At Las Vegas Casino’s.

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Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Winning Strategy Day 9- $2,355 Cash Profit At Las Vegas Casino’s. In this video, Entrepreneur and Professional Gambler Christopher Mitchell documents his brand new Baccarat Winning Strategy at three Las Vegas Casino’s.

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Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Winning Strategy Day 9- $2,355 Cash Profit At Las Vegas Casino’s.

10 thoughts on “Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Winning Strategy Day 9- $2,355 Cash Profit At Las Vegas Casino’s.

  1. Hi Christopher. I just wanted to tell you I love your channel. I also have a confession to make. I recently saw you and Jason Sample gambling LIVE at the Cosmo. I didn't say anything to either of you, but rather watched and observed. I have to say, you BOTH are the real deal. Keep up the great work you're doing helping others. I recently left this exact comment on Youtube Scam Exposers video, which I'm sure he'll delete. So, I wanted to copy and paste it to your channel and Jason's channel so both of your followers can know that you two are both stand up guys doing good things for others. Thanks for everything you do. Here's the comment I left on Youtube Scam Exposers video just for the record.

    You are a very sad, pathetic individual. I am 100% convinced that EVERY SINGLE WORD you have ever spoken is a lie. I live here in Vegas and I have recently seen both Christopher Mitchell and Jason Sample with my own eyes playing in high limit rooms on more than one occasion. Twice I sat at the same table as Christopher Mitchell. I didn't say a word to him so he has no idea who I am or that I was watching him. He was with Lucy one of those times. I saw him win BOTH times, but yet you say Lucy and Gary lost thousands and thousands of dollars. I can confirm that is a 100% bold face lie. You are absolutely pathetic! You are a dead broke wannabe hater trying to make a Youtube channel for yourself by using famous people Christopher Mitchell and Jason Sample's names in your videos. I see the same exact comments from the same exact Youtube profiles on all of your videos. This makes me suspect that most of these profiles cheering you on are probably you yourself. When I have seen both Christopher Mitchell and Jason Sample with my own eyes in person WINNING, but yet you don't even show your face, EVERYONE should have red flags going off about you. You're the only real SCAMMER around here. You need to get a life instead of watching others live theirs. You are not contributing anything positive to society. I see you cuss people out in your comments and in your videos. That shows who you truly are as a person. EVERYTHING you say about Christopher Mitchell, Jason Sample and Brunson Fx is what you are really saying about yourself. You are truly one pathetic loser. You say you don't ever delete people's comments, but I know you do because I've seen it. So, I'm going to post this same exact comment on Christopher Mitchell's and Jason Sample's Youtube page too so people can see the real "TRUTH". You're a fraud, a phony, a desperate Loser with a capital "L".

  2. Hi Christopher, I want to tell you about my recognition. I didn't believe I was making money using matingale, but I gave you credit for having 4 truths that I already followed.
    After seeing that I could win baccarat with matigale, I went to confirm if it is possible and saw it. Yes, it is possible. as i did fuldae of financial management and do statistics, i went to improve matingale and today i did my first test. I got a free bonus and 2 USD and I already got 1 USD, just using plays and 5 cents this is excellent. I'm saying this because I think you should know that you helped someone.

  3. Hi again Christopher!!! Thanks for another great video. So so thankful for you!! Boyfriend went to the casino today (still following your strategies) and brought home $2,400 after 4hrs. He is doing $10-20 bets, so it’s taking him a bit of time. Once again, thank you for all your videos❤️

  4. Wassup Chris, I drove yellow cab in NY for 5 years then 5 years for Loser UberLyft in SF but always broke. 10 years of my life went by stuck in car. I now have over $10,000 from Pandemic PUA but will have over $20,000 by early 2021. I won $1,400 with $400 last time I was in Vegas like 5 years ago with Martingale & other strategies. I know you are real cuz you give real tips. I would love to meet you in person or at least watch you play and/or follow. I was supposed to learn Python programming mainly for Baccarat but never did. No more going back to rideshare driving with possible contagious passenger behind me coughing. Baccarat has always been my solution but never had money to play except with my rent $$$$$$. California average rent is $2,500 every 30 days.

  5. Hi CM, nice to see Day 9 video
    Seems like Baccarat table will change the shoe pattern to avoid winning bt no way they can bit you any more…

    Just a que. When we use Strategy 1…do we switch to strategy 3 when we playing or keep going with one only?

  6. Dude, @ 5:57 You are focused even when people are tryng to interrupt you!! Salute to you!!

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