DR NO – James Bond Plays Baccarat…(HD)

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The inimitable Sean Connery on his first outing as James Bond plays Baccarat – or in this instance, Chemin de fer (which was how the game was known when it was first introduced in France).

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DR NO –  James Bond Plays Baccarat…(HD)

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  1. quick math, UK inflation from 1962 I would say the pinks are 500GBP about 20kGBP total that today would be worth $424,000.00 GBP or $720,333.00 CAD and $545,902.00 USD hahaha crazy. so in 55 years that event with phil ivey 10 mill US will be worth some 360 mill haha. food for thoughts

  2. Sylvia uses her marker to beat Bond forcing him to leave the table just because of a secret mission

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