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Demonstration of a simple Panda Bonus betting strategy. With a huge 1700 dollar profit, which can scale lower or higher based on your set betting amount, this strategy shows when the winning starts happening, it gets good really fast! I used a different Application than before, (see previous uploads on the panda chase strategy) and the first time using it, player drew to 8 and won(aka PANDA ) 3 times! Play at your own risk. Gamble responsibly.

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4 thoughts on “EZ BACCARAT – WINNING PANDA STRATEGY (Episode 6)

  1. Hey bro I found new information last night as I was playing ez bacc at Pechanga last night. So say do you have a match where and it’s 78% of the shoe is completed and you see a ton of player wins odds are that most of the small cards have came out of shoe that’s what was causing the player wins to begin with so There is a possibility that there is high cards remaining at that point you’d want to start betting heavy on banker. Banker win = cards 6-9

  2. I put this to test and walked with +50$ min bet =25$ my single bet unit is 25$ so overall I Would have left with +2 units had I not put 50$ on black in roulette and lost

  3. Also what are your thoughts on paroli and Martingales positive and negative progression bets? Should I use them or not

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