Free Baccarat Strategy (Hopscotch) + Training

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Free Baccarat Strategy Training for Hopscotch.

Hey everyone this is a free baccarat strategy training video for a more aggressive way of playing The Magnificent 6 and its called Hopscotch. Just like the kid game where they hop on 1 foot through squares, 2 feet when 2 squares, we are going to be hopping hands after a loss. Our goal is to win 6 plays before losing 3 in a row.

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Free Baccarat Strategy (Hopscotch) + Training

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  1. Just a tip for everyone. I should have done it in the video but if you win your first session and decide to keep going lower your bet. If you are betting $20 for example drop it down to 10. Play till you lose 3 in a row and leave with profit.

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